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MOD Gallery & Space, Soft-Reopening is a Success

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The MOD Gallery & Space located at 1809 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri, was back in business with a BOOM for May 7, 2021, First Friday’s Art event. It started with the Artists doing the final touches on their areas, making sure each piece of art is displayed the way they want to present it to the public. Brian Ousley, MOD owner, was running around making sure that everything was in place and taking care of last-minute details.Outside on the back patio, the band and DJ Nizza Martinez and her DJs were setting up for an epic night! The DJs had the crowd dancing to the jams throughout the night on the back patio.

Noah Davis and Heavy Electric Band played from 7 pm - 8 pm. The band has played at MOD in 2013 and 2014 and then reformed in 2019. The musicians are David Norlin on Drums, who joined in 2019 and played with Knocked Knee Sally. Jeffrey Champion plays bass and guitar and has been with Noah Davis since 2016. Noah Davis, the headliner of the trio, is the lead singer playing both bass and guitar.

Photo by, Kat Day Design

Jeffrey Champion, Bass (left) David Norlin, Drums (middle) and Noah Davis, Guitar & Vocals (right) Playing at MOD Gallery & Space at MOD’s soft reopening May 7, 2021. “I feel liberated to be at MOD!” Noah Davis of ‘Noah Davis Heavy Electric’ stated.

Paul Kavanaugh displayed his various acrylics, oil paintings, sketches, and prints in the backdoor gallery. Kavanaugh was also the featured Artist in Mach, 2020.

MOD’s Artist Richard Day has his paintings, nude pastels, and large canvas abstracts hanging throughout MOD’s Backdoor Gallery. MOD’s Backdoor Gallery used to be the Backdoor Studio where Day painted many of his pieces. Also hanging in the Backdoor Gallery are photographs by Ousley, owner of MOD Gallery & Space.

MOD’S front gallery featured Artist Jim Ramirez displays his new show ‘Abstract Cardboard Art,’ on the East and South wall. Ramirez also brought his latest published hardback book, ‘Where has Papu been?’ to sell. MOD’s other featured Artist Brandi Johnson known as “Flybysuze,” had her acrylic on canvas paintings hanging on the south wall of the front gallery.

Jewelry maker Crystal Ramirez showcased her one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry . Ramirez designs all her jewelry. Ramirez used to work with fine jewelry for Herzberg’s and is now in business for herself.

Craig Mildrexler set up his blacklight paintings and new products like his painted blacklight toilet seats, which were a success out on the front patio. The MOD was a success, and it showed. People were out in the streets walking and browsing through the various artist’s work. The sounds of music bellowed the streets from of Josey Records. The record store had a DJ playing hip-beats for all to hear on the front patio area.

Photographer Mark Petersen displays his matted photographs of various images of beautiful Kansas City on the front patio of MOD. Beside Petersen’s stand, was TWISTEDSISGOODS also known as malloryartgallory. Art created by two sisters Mallory & Krystle, who specialize in Mixed Media Art.

Walking into MOD from the front patio Artist, Amanda America had a fantastic display set up of various mediums of artwork from pencil sketching’s to oil paintings. One painting sitting on the easel was of a city landscape of tall buildings with a paint drip style running off the cityscape.

“It was a great soft-reopen at MOD Gallery! All The artists showed up ready to show off their new artwork created during the pandemic, the band showed up ready to rock, the DJs showed up ready to make people dance, the MOD Ninjas showed up ready to put smiles on people’s faces,” Brian Ousley of MOD Gallery & Space stated. “I was grateful that so many people showed up! It was a great combination of the MOD VIPs and new faces! We are looking forward to our Mannequin Show for June’s First Friday event and building on this great momentum!”

Artist, Jim Ramirez (left) and Brian Ousley owner of MOD taking care of last minute details. To see photos of MOD's May First Friday art exhibit and event go to: #BOOMMOD #JimRamirez #MODGallery #FirstFriday #NoahDavis

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