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Jim Ramirez’s Abstract Cardboard Art at May’s MOD Reopening.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Jim Ramirez is an accomplished, adventurous design professional well known in the Kansas City area. Ramirez’s featured 'Abstract Cardboard Art' exhibit will be at MOD Gallery & Space at 1809 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri, on May 7, 2021, in the Crossroads Art District.

Ramirez is a big fan of Carmen Herrera. “Her work is just so simple and powerful,” Jim Ramirez, a Kansas City Artist, states. He also draws inspiration from Native American design, which you can see in this work and another memorable show of his at MOD, his 'Red, and Black and White' show.

Before setting up the 'Abstract Cardboard Art' exhibit, Ramirez showed on his phone how he had designed the entire forty-two-piece show in Photoshop using other photos of MOD Gallery & Space before Ramirez came down to hang his art. After watching Ramirez place each art piece on the wall, it was precise as he had envisioned.

Photo by Kat Day

Jim Ramirez’s first wall finished after hanging fourteen pieces of his Abstract Cardboard Art. I saved hundreds of pieces of this wonderful thick cardboard used to pack down show programs,” Jim Ramirez, Kansas City Artist, states. “I knew I’d be able to create something with them someday. I love how organic and raw it is." Keeping with the organic theme, the hangers on the back are hemp twine.

One of Jim Ramirez’s quotes is, “My feeling is, if a creative idea comes to you, wherever they come from, you owe it to that idea to see it through.” Ramirez is also a successful writer with two published books, his latest book, “Where has Papu been?” is a children’s book he wrote and illustrated for his grandson. “I wanted to teach him about different places around the world and places I have traveled to.” Ramirez states. “My grandson calls me, “Papu, thus the title “Where has Papu been?” The book can be found and purchased at Amazon.

Photo by Kat Day Jim Ramirez is holding his children’s book “Where has Papu been?” published in October 2020. Besides having published a children’s book, Ramirez has another published book titled “Where I’m Supposed to Belong.” This book is a memoir about a three-week trip Ramirez took to Europe. He is traveling first to the French Alps, where Ramirez climbed Alpe d’Huez on a road bike. He also talks about his experiences in the French Riviera, Avignon, and Barcelona, Spain. “Where I’m Supposed to Belong” is also available on Amazon. Ramirez has visited Europe three times. Ramirez’s travels are just a few of his goals.

Ramirez is also known for his work as a graphic designer for Hallmark Cards, designing humor greeting cards and pop-up card designs. Ramirez also worked as a Creative Product Designer leading the innovation in the Gift Wrap division of Hallmark and had four awarded patents on some of the new products he created. Hallmark even sent him to Hong Kong twice to present new ideas. Ramirez also was a designer in Hallmark Package Design Studio and has won eight graphic design awards and was in Print Magazine.

Ramirez also worked with the New Theatre Restaurant creating various marketing materials through his visual graphic skills. He has designed everything from website graphics, theatre signage, newspaper & magazine ads, TV spots, and show programs.

Jim Ramirez has mastered many achievements. If you would like to see more of Jim Ramirez’s work and various art shows, you can see them on Strikingly, Instagram, Behance, and LinkedIn.

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