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Richard Day to Show at MOD Gallery & Space "Sense of Space"

Artist Richard Day standing in front of his Paintings at MOD
Artist Richard Day, "Sense of Space" photo by Kat Day

Richard Day is a self-taught Artist currently residing in Kansas City. Richard’s art career has taken him to both coasts of the US and Europe. He has participated in art events in Kansas City, New York City, LA County, Orange County, Houston, Tampa, and Amsterdam.


Richard Day is a familiar face in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District, having operated three successful galleries over the past 30 years, and for many years, was the only resident artist of the MOD Backdoor Gallery at 1809 McGee.


Richard’s artwork reflects his collaborative combination of thoughts, ideas, and imagination translated through his brush stroke and selected medium, which has been many ranging from pastels, charcoal, ink, oils, watercolor, and acrylic.

Richard Day standing in front of his paintings at MOD Gallery & Space
Richard Day and his Richard-Land! "Sense of Space" art Exhibit. photo by Kat Day


He has been painting since grade school with a push from his father. Richard will be the featured artist showing at MOD Gallery & Space (located at 1809 McGee in the Heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District) on June’s First Fridays (6/2/23)!


Richard has been working on his Seven-piece “Sense of Space” installation for over ten years, changing ideas and arrangements with each separate canvas. Richard Day has moved his stretched canvases to four different galleries and then his literal home before finally finishing them.

Before and after photos of the changes in the pieces that Richard has been trying to finish! Come by MOD to see this in real life!

Richard Day at home painting at home in Kansas City, MO
Richard Day painting on paintings at home photo by Kat Day

Richard Day is at home working on the painting, and below, Richard is in his Studio at MOD with paintings in the background and a piece he was working on at the time!

Richard working in his Studio MOD Backdoor Gallery in Kansas City Crossroads Arts District
Richard Day in his studio "MOD Backdoor Gallery" photo by Kat Day

The canvases are so large that Day’s living room has been turned into a temporary studio for the last four years. His paintings have changed from a painted scenario of different people, including The Thinker, which sits at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, to what now is a landscape filled with mountains, sea, and buildings.


Last fall, he booked his Featured Artist show date at MOD Gallery. Richard buckled down to finish his concept. His home studio was even too small to accommodate all the canvases in their proper order and in entirety, so Day began sliding the large canvases across the floor like life-size chess pieces. He told a friend I must finish and show this concept before I die. Richard Day is 79 years old, and this is the largest work of art to date. Don’t miss this museum-quality exhibit featured at MOD Gallery on June’s First Fridays!

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