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About Me

Hey Kansas City, I am Kat Day of Kat Day Design and The Artist Hipspot; I am a photographer, journalist, and graphic designer. I create videos, podcasts and write about anything related to the local art scene in the Kansas City Crossroads Art District.


I am married to an artist, and I am a Digital Creator. For the last nine years, my involvement with the Kansas City art scene has helped me know many local artists, which has led to where I am today. You can always count on me to bring diverse stories that will excite and delight in various forms of media.

I have a MA in New Media Journalism and an MFA in Media Design from Full Sail University. I also have a Bachelors’ degree in Graphic Arts. 

I am on the Board at Jump-Start Art, KC, where we help emerging artists find the resources they need to open the doors for their creative talent. I also do event photography, videos, podcasts, and social media promotions for MOD.  I am proud to be part of the family at MOD Gallery. I love the vision and mission of MOD. 

I also love doing nature photography. 

Writing about Kansas City artists, galleries & more is how I can shine the spotlight and bring attention and support to the artists and galleries through their stories.
You can find my work at and follow me on my social media sites.

A Video From Kat Day

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