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June’s First Friday’s Hits the Ground Running at MOD Gallery & Space

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Kansas City, Missouri’s MOD Gallery & Space won the evening with the Mannequin Memoirs III event. The Iridescent Vinyl Wrap Mannequin created by Artist; Richard Day greeted the customers as they entered the front gallery of MOD.

Photo by Kat Day Artist Richard Day's Iridescent Vinyl Wrap Mannequin greeting everyone as the come into MOD Gallery & Space with Artist Justin R. Canja on far back left with his amazing artwork.

Photo by Kat Day Owner Brian Ousley had his photography framed and hung and was also a part of the show.

The evening started with a BOOM from Brandon Phillips of Mensa Deathsquad that stole the show on the back patio with his electronic and one-person live performance. Phillips calls his music a darkwave, electro-alternative music style, which won the crowd over. Brandon’s voice echoed out into the crowd with his 80s and 70s hit music! Phillips’s energy was live, sending electric currents to ears and bodies everywhere.

Photo by Kat Day Brandon Phillips belting out the music to the crowd. For more information on Brandon Phillips of Mensa Deathsquad go to “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” Brandon Phillips of Mensa Deathsquad stated after the show.

Video by Kat Day Design

Brandon Phillips of Mensa Deathsquad singing on the back patio of MOD Gallery & Space on June 4, 2021, First Friday's Mannequin Memoir III show. A wide variety of artistically designed mannequins appeared throughout the gallery were placed to entice the public. The artists who created mannequins for the event were Jim Ramirez, Danna York, Richard Day, Kyle Moody, Phil Dunn, Craig Mildrexler, Megan Lee Scott, and Luis Garcia.

Photo by Kat Day Mannequins by Richard Day, Kyle Moody, Jim Ramirez, Megan Lee Scott, and Luis Garcia on the stage from left to right.

Photo by Kat Day Blue & Turquoise mannequin by Danna York, and Floral mannequin by Phil Dunn, the gallery is full of people admiring the art.

Photo by Kat Day A close-up of Pioneer DJ equipment for First Friday event at MOD that kept the crowd in the groove of music. Heavy Emotion is a combination of four DJs, and they closed the night out with their dancing jams and a crowd that filled up the back of MOD! DJ Nizza Martinez and other members of Heavy Emotions took turns playing their alternative music keeping the public moving!

Photo by Kat Day Heavy Emotion DJ playing music for the crowd on the MOD's back patio with a full house of people dancing to the jams.

Photo by Kat Day A full house on the back patio, pets even enjoyed the tunes! It was a great night at MOD Gallery & Space's June First Friday Mannequin Memoir III event! July’s First Friday event will be featuring artwork from Phil Dunn. There will also be more updates on July's First Friday, so stay tuned.

Stay tuned for more updates on June's First Friday and the other featured artists. To learn more about MOD Gallery & Space go to

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