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MOD Showcases The Arts, Music & Dance — First Fridays

Updated: May 1, 2023

First Friday was a big hit at the Kansas City Crossroads Art Gallery, MOD Gallery & Space on April 7, 2023! MOD opened with a big BOOM with great attendance for owner Brian Ousley and the local artists who showed their work! MOD Gallery & Space is at 1809 McGee in the Kansas City Crossroads.

MOD Gallery & Space

It is always fun to see all the familiar faces at the gallery and people coming up that haven’t been seen since last spring to bring great news that they will be DJ—ing in the back next month! But on April 7th, 2023, First Friday, they were out to enjoy the gallery and the euphoric mood that the MODs atmosphere provides newcomers and the old!

DJ Hardkutz & Carlo Z Music

DJ Hardcutz and Carlo Z Music stopped in at MOD and said they would be DJ-Ing on the back patio for May’s First Friday! Kenny Holtz and Lolosantadoh are joining and bringing great jams to MODs Back Patio & Cantina! Hopefully, the whole crew will be at MOD Back Patio & Cantina!

Alejandro Resendiz did a fantastic job for his first show, with many paintings hanging in the gallery! The featured artist for April was a 13-year-old young man with walls covered in colorful abstracts that were very impressive and creative! Alejandro took the time to walk around, talk to people, and talk with the other artists! What a fantastic experience for such a young and talented artist!

Alejandro Resendiz & Phil Dunn

Justin Canja and Phil Dunn also had a fantastic night and sold a lot of work. Justin and Phil have been working together for nearly a year. Every First Friday, they do a live piece! It is incredible to watch what they are working on! You can follow them on Instagram at WIPliveart.

May’s First Friday will be a great night to get out and come by MOD and check out what new work Justin and Phil will have, as they will be the featured artists! If you have a particular painting you have been waiting on, be sure to stop by MOD and see what is happening and what new piece they will be working on!

DJ Ray Velasquez Loving the Crowd!

It was a great night, with artists and DJs highlighting the atmosphere! It is always fun when the lights go down, the music gets a little louder, and people are dancing and having a great time! The best get-together reunion after a cold winter!

MOD Gallery & Space

Cinco de Mayo is Friday, May 5, 2023. Where will you be? Come on out to MOD!

Loving MOD Gallery & Space


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