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Sports Themed Art Exhibit at MOD Gallery & Space

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

If you are a sports fan, sports art lover, or a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, you want to come to the MOD Gallery & Space in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District! For all you Kansas City Chiefs fans, you will not want to miss this show! The walls are covered with amazing sports art from a variety of sports artists that are amazing! When I walked into the gallery tonight, I was amazed by the caliber of art hanging on the walls by such a variety of Sports artists! EEPHUS has a variety of sports memorabilia, wall art with old baseball cards, baseball bats, shirts, and much more!

Talking with EEPHUS tonight, I asked him how all of the sports artists were obtained to show at MOD, and EEPHUS told me that he had met Chris Fleck during one of his shows in the late Spring, and they got to talking and found out that there is a group of artists that specialize in Sports Art.

The Sports artists that will be showing in the Front Gallery of MOD will be EEPHUS, Joe Scardino, Chris Chancey, Chris Fleck, and J. Painter Sports Artist. J. Painter has a unique style with skateboards, posters, and even guitars! The walls are packed with phenomenal art that you will not want to miss if you are a true sports fan!

MOD: Welcome back to MOD. How have you been since your last MOD show?

EEPHUS: Really good, thanks for asking. I spent the past year shifting into a new gear with my work. I spent a few months experimenting with some new techniques, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out. I focused on a more historic angle with more than a few of my newer pieces.

MOD: What and who will be on display in your show?

EEPHUS: A few of them will. I finished a couple of Satchel Paige's and a pretty sweet Len Dawson a week ago. I spent some time on a custom, so I wasn't quite able to finish all of them in time. I've assembled a wide variety of Baseball, Football, and Basketball for the show. Along with baseball bats and baseball hats, shirts... damn near everything.

MOD: Are you staying busy with custom work?

EEPHUS: That depends on your definition of busy. I've gotten some really interesting custom requests this year. I get a kick out of the custom jobs, making the perfect decoration for the die-hard sports fan. But to answer your question... I'm steady.

MOD: Where can people find you if they can't make your Junk Wax Era show?

EEPHUS: Social media is the easiest. If you search the hashtag #EephusMarked, you'll find me... and then please follow me.

It will be a great show with Art in the Street, MOD's Pop-Up Shows with Justin Canja of Paper Monkey, Crystal Ramirez Jewelry, and so much more! Be sure to check out this great month of October's First Friday at MOD and help us celebrate our birthday!

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