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Tracer Heights Celebrates Bob Dylan at Mike Kelly's Westsider

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Tracer Heights Band with Artist Ruthie Becker-Clark was among the playing bands at Mike Kelly’s Westsider,1515 Westport Road in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday evening, May 24, 2021.

Mike Kelly's Westsider is located at 1515 Westport Road in Kansas City, Missouri. Various local musicians and community radio KKFI 90.1 Fm joined together to celebrate the 80th Birthday of the iconic musician Bob Dylan.

Harold Epstein (left), Susan Cedarquist (right with the violin). What started as an outside event got moved inside to avoid the rainy day. Colored lights, 60s style decorations filled the Westsider, which gave the bar a very down-to-earth psychedelic vibe.

Jeremy Clark on Bass, Joshua Pohl on Drums Percussion, vocals, Ruthie Becker on Djembe playing a Bob Dylan Tune. (left to right) Tracer Heights is a local Kansas City band with a unique style of playing with their secret weapon, Artist Ruthie Becker-Clark, and an electric Banjo. The band members are Joshua Pohl, vocals, drums, percussion; Jeremy Clark, vocal and bass guitar; and Ben Hoppes, vocals, electric banjo, and guitar. When asked how the band got together? “It’s very Cliché, but we were all jamming in a concert parking lot,” Jeremy Clark of Tracer Heights Band in Kansas City, Missouri, stated. “I have known Ben for about 22 years and met my friend, Joshua, through my wife, Ruthie. She told me this guy would be there setting up drums and percussion and I should bring my bass, and I met Josh, and we clicked! I told Ben we all need to get together.” Since they’ve met, they have gelled together and started creating music in a style that meets all genres, playing what they want using their unique creative talents to play music. Ben and Jeremy played Blues for a long time, and when they met up again in the concert parking lot, the Band came together. Joshua was the completing element for Tracer Heights.

Joshua Pohl (Drums, Percussion, and vocals), Jeremy Clark (Vocals, Bass), and Ben Hoppes (Electric Banjo, Guitar, and Vocals). Joshua Pohl originally played for several years in St. Paul, and Minneapolis Minnesota. Pohl used to play for a Cover band, Half Price Buddha playing a Cajon, and the Djembe. Tracer Heights Band has been together for about five years. “During the Pandemic lockdown, we utilized the time together rehearsing and working on a new album that will be coming out this year. We sharpened up as a band. We can pick up on each other’s cues and sync perfectly.” Ben Hoppes of Tracer Heights Band states. Ruthie Becker Clark is their secret weapon designing their album covers and CD cases. In the past, Ruthie added original pieces of her art to a selected collection of CD cases. Ruthie is a well-known artist in the Kansas City area. Becker-Clark used to own and curate the "Gallery 504" in the Crossroads Art District.

Artist, Album cover designer, Singer Ruthie Becker-Clark, Tracer Heights secret weapon. “We can hear changes; it is like following the leader,” states Joshua Pohl of Tracer Heights Band. We are unique in every sense of the word in terms of the type of music and even the covers we choose to do; they are not ones you would expect a trio to play with a banjo.”

Jeremy Clark, Bass, Ruthie Becker-Clark beating on the Djembe, and Be Hoppes with his Electric Banjo. (left to right) Tracer Heights uses every type of genre a person can think of with the music they play. There are no limits when they play their music. The Band gives out credits to all the bands that played and their interpretations of Bob Dylan Music. They want to thank KKFI 90.1 community radio for helping with the event.

KKFI 90.1 Community Radio table with bumper stickers, literature, and more!

Volunteers helping with the KKFI Gear and collecting donations.
Volunteers sitting with the KKFI bumper stickers, and literature, and collecting money. Margaret Huff (right)

Volunteers sitting with the KKFI bumper stickers and literature and collecting money. Margaret Huff (right) “We love Mike Kelly’s, we Love KKFI, and all the bands coming together at Mike Kelly’s Bob Dylan Birthday Dream,” Jeremy Clark states! Tracer Heights would like to add, be on the lookout for our new album, “First Sight,” with the artwork by Ruthie Becker-Clark. Ruthie has been a great addition to the Band with her singing and artistic talent and telling the Band when they are misbehaving! The future is very bright for Tracer Heights! You got to wear shades! Learn more about Tracer Heights at Facebook Page and #TracerHeights #JoshuaPohl #BenHoppes #JeremyClark #RuthieBeckerClark

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