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Brian Ousley Touts New Photography at MOD's "Mannequin Memoirs III," June Show

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

They’re coming, MOD lovers. There will be more than a fantastic Mannequin Memoirs' III show coming out for the June 4, 2021, First Friday event. Brian Ousley of MOD Gallery & Space in Kansas City, Missouri, will be featuring new photography. All we can tell you is Ousley’s featured photography is a fusion of models with mannequins. You are going to have to come to see the new show for yourselves.

Brian Ousley discussing plans for June 4, 2021, First Friday Mannequin Memoirs event. There is more to Ousley than just a gallery owner and the guy behind the bar. He is also a skilled photographer and is known for his Kansas City BOOM Model Photography work. Ousley is a passionate photographer, and his pride in his work shows in each photography piece! Ousley likes to find something that fascinates him and run with it in his photography. Ousley goes into detail about his new photography pieces and plans with an ongoing photography project. Brian has been working on a unique collection of work that deals with rust. He has been working on this project for about six years and plans to have his work completed within the next year and framed by a friend that does metalwork. “The first Mannequin Memoirs' was July 6, of 2012, and the second was October 4, 2013,” Brian Ousley of MOD Gallery & Space states, “I am always adding new prints but haven’t participated in a group show since La Femme II at MOD on July 5, 2013,”

June’s First Friday will be the third Mannequin Memoir show at MOD, located at 1809 McGee in Kansas City, Missouri. Various artists are working hard to get their mannequins converted to art to wow Kansas City. The mannequins left with a variety of artists. Kyle Moody, Baker Medlock, Richard Day, Jim Ramirez, Phil Dunn, Megan Lee Scott, Luis Garcia, and Craig Mildrexler are just a few of the artists that will be bringing their mannequins back artistically dressed to impress in a wide variety of artistic styles for Kansas City to view.

June’s First Friday will also be featuring live music by Mensa Deathsquad and the DJs with Heavy Emotion! The DJs premiered on May 7, 2021, and the back patio was hopping! Flybysuze and Jim Ramirez will also be featuring their art on the walls at MOD. All the artists are working hard to have their art ready for June’s First Friday at MOD Gallery & Space. For more information, go to MOD’s Facebook page or

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