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Record Store Day Celebrated in the Kansas City Crossroads at Josey Records.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Record Store Day was on Saturday, July 17, 2021 all across the globe and at Josey Records, KC. Josey Records celebrated with their house DJ, Daniel Hill, also known as Dahil Da DJ. He played great music out front throughout the day and evening at 1815 McGee in Kansas City, Missouri.

Slideshow Images of Josey Record, Kansas City Turntable, Daniel Hill aka Dahil Da DJ and Dahil Da Djs set-up in the front of Josey Records on July 17, Record Store Day. (Photos by Kat Day)

The second Record Store Day celebration began at Josey Records, KC. A Dark Goth Style band called New Obsessions started the evening of entertainment on Josey Records Kansas City’s neighbor, MOD Gallery & Space’s Back Patio. The second band was HXXS, the theatric duo with a synth-punk, noise genre style. Both bands gave an outstanding performance that the crowd enjoyed.

Slideshow of HXXS performing one of their songs on MOD's Back Patio, New Obsessions performing, HXXS on his knees, and New Obsessions (photos by Kat Day) Record Store Day is an event in the US and internationally celebrating independently owned record stores. Record Store Day was first envisioned in 2007 with a gathering of independent record store owners. The first official Record Store Day was on April 19, 2008. Every continent except for Antarctica celebrates the unique culture of music.

Daniel Hill (Dahil Da DJ) at Josey Records with plenty of Vinyl! (Photo by Kat Day)

Record stores play an important role in promoting musicians, selling vinyl, CDs, and promotional products that play an essential part in the music of all genres. Record stores invite various recording artists and musicians to do live concerts and meet and greets with the public promoting their music. Josey Records, Kansas City had their first Record Store Day on June 12, promoting an exceptional performance by “Quite Frankly the Band.” With the help from their neighbor MOD Gallery & Space. Quite Frankly played in the back at MOD Gallery & Space’s Back Patio and Cantina, Bands, can play in the evening echoing their tunes and drawing in a crowd to enjoy the music and grab a drink at the MOD Cantina,

Quite Frankly The Band performing on MOD's Back Patio for the June 12 Record Store Day. (Photo by Kat Day)

The following Record Store Day will be the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday at Josey Record Store. Over 1400 independently owned stores worldwide will be joining in the celebration. Support your local record store and join in the celebration.

Kansas City Crossroads is a festive area in Kansas City filled with food, breweries, art in the street, art galleries, and music that light up in the evening. . Josey Records, KC celebrates First Friday’s with their House DJ Daniel Hill lighting up McGee Street with the sound of music. GrindersKC Event Venue is a premier spot for outdoor music in the Kansas City Crossroads.

MOD Gallery & Space Back Patio always has a great band and live DJs to celebrate First Fridays. The T-Mobile Center has live concerts. These are just a few of the places to enjoy music in the Crossroads Art District. Hearing new music at these entertainment venues helps to promote and bring customers into the independent record stores.

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