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Canja Inspires Artists in March at MOD Gallery & Space "No-Brush/No-PalletKnife"

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The finished product of the NoBrushes/NoPalletKnife painting by Justin Canja, Phil Dunn, EEPHUS, Mallory Davila, Heather Inez Benoit, and and the buyer of the piece at MOD Gallery & Space. (Mallory was not at the Gallery when the painting sold, but she worked diligently on the painting with a leaf and rocks!). Photo by Kat Day

MOD Gallery & Space opened its doors for the first time in 2022! MOD Gallery & Space seems to draw people from all over Kansas City and surrounding areas! If March reflects how the rest of the year will go, then MOD will have a fantastic 2022!

The night was action-packed with Justin Canja of PaperMonkeyMovement inspiring other artists like Phil Dunn of PhilDunnArtKC, Mallory Davila of MalloryArtGallory, Jon Schieszer of EEPHUS, and Heather Inez Benoit of Turquoise Moon collaborating on a piece of stretched blank canvas for a silent auction. Canja set rules that the artists had to abide by while working on the abstract painting. The artists could not use paintbrushes or pallet knives. The project became that much more enjoyable. Here you can see the progression of the painting that was silent-auctioned off the evening of March 4th, 2022!

“Getting five artists to have one voice is not for the faint of heart. Five artists with one canvas seemed like it would be just as difficult, but honestly, it wasn’t, and in 4 hours, this beautiful work was silent auctioned off. We painted in tandem, taking turns attacking the surface. The mission was to reach the completion goal without brushes or pallet knives to represent obtaining our visions by any means necessary. Below are our weapons of choice: Mallory: leaves and stones Heather (turquoise moon): straw Phill: cardboard EEPHUS: a discarded baseball card PaperMonkey: takeout chopsticks With almost nothing at all, we made a masterpiece. For those who came out to see this process in action, thank you for supporting your local artists at work!” States, Justin Canja of PaperMonkeyMovement.

The featured artists were Heather Inez Benoit and Bassim Sabawi. Both artists had a beautiful array of paintings.

Benoit’s colorful display of acrylic painted abstract paintings added to the ambiance of the evening at MOD on March 4th, First Friday, and they would look lovely in any home. I believe this is the first time that Heather Inez Benoit has been a featured artist with her paintings at MOD Gallery. Besides painting, Benoit also loves to make pottery, and she makes unique pottery, including cups, bowls, and other items and jewelry. Benoit always has a tent on the back patio of MOD, displaying and selling her other crafts. You can find Benoit’s crafts on Instagram.

Bassim Sabawi also had some fantastic oil paintings of various works. Bassim would like to say that his oil paintings are more spiritual. Sabawi loves to connecting Mother Earth to his painting style.

EEPHUS was one of the Pop-art shows with his amazing various sports memorabilia! EEPHUS will be back at MOD Gallery & Space for the April1st First Friday event!

EEPHUS at MOD Gallery & Space on March 4th, 2022! Photo by Kat Day

Jump Start Art KC helped Jewelry artist William Macklin getting started with material to create his wire wrapped precious stones business going along with a church that Macklin attends. Macklin's new found business is called DoveLife!

It was a fantastic night on March 4th, 2022, at MOD Gallery & Space!

So much fun and group participation on the Silent Auction piece, which sold that night!

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