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MOD Gallery & Space and Art Experience Latest News for Spring-Summer 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

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MOD Gallery & Space and Art Experience Coming 2021

MOD Gallery & Space reopening May. 7, 2021 MOD Gallery & Space, located at 1809 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri, will be reopening after a long, challenging year from the COVID19 pandemic. Brian Ousley has been working hard for the last year to reopen the gallery.

On the seventh of May, 2021the MOD will have its First Friday of 2021! MOD Gallery & Space will be featuring Artist Jim Ramirez with his found objects assembled into artwork. You can find Jim Ramirez on Behance, Instagram@jrdesignsllc, and on his website.

Featured Artist Jim Ramirez (Left) with MOD Gallery Owner Brian Ousley (Right) standing in front of Ramirez's Black & Red Art Collection. Brandi Johnson, aka “flybysuze,” is the other featured artist, and be sure to check Brandi’s art out on her website or look her up on Instagram @flybysuze. Brandi is featuring her abstract acrylic paintings. Craig Mildrexler will be out on the front patio with his blacklight art. Crystal Ramirez will be at the MOD with her beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. You can find Crystal’s unique jewelry also on her Etsy site. DJ Ray Velasquez will be the DJ in the front gallery and DJ Nizza Martinez and the Noah Davis and Heavy Electric Band on the Back Patio. Ousley’s reply to what he has been doing throughout the pandemic. “A lot of praying and cleaning & organizing and trying to keep the gallery open,” Brian Ousley of MOD Gallery & Space Stated. “It still doesn’t feel real until the doors open.” MOD has more great news for the Art Experience art painting enthusiasts. Richard and Michele Fritz will be back in Kansas City around the first of June. The Fritz’s have spent their travels expanding their business to online Zoom painting classes. The Fritz’s anticipated being gone for the winter in Texas and thought they would be back in March or April, and COVID derailed their plans. They got landlocked in Texas until the lockdown was over. Since Art Experience has been on their travels, they have opened up an Etsy store. The Art Experience Etsy store has various craft projects to purchase to do in your free time. Plus, they have the paint kits they send out to their online painting class clients. The Etsy store has helped considerably for income since the pandemic has taken over the United States. They are hoping to have some classes at the MOD in the summer and other painting events. Kansas City has missed Art Experience. They hope to be in Kansas City for the whole summer.

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